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2011-04-05   2011-04-04 Wonderful, darling BELMONDO Teo-Cat*PL.
Our ward Belmondo Teo-Cat*PL, with his wonderful caretaker ms. Sandra from Bytom, did great on international exhibition in Jaworzno. On the first day of Rag Show, he won in teenage category, acquiring a cup and receiving EX1 judge grade. On the second day it was even better: EX1 grade, NOM BIS (BIS nomination and medal) and BIS (he won Best In Show in teenager class with 5 other cats and acquired another cup.). We are very proud and happy for that. Big thanks to ms. Sandra and her mother for preparing the "King" (that's how he is called in house) for the exhibition and we wish you further successes. :)
2011-04-04   2011-04-04 Our JOEL become GIC.
On the exhibition in Jaworzno, JOEL received the last certification required for GIC title, and consequently he is now Grand Inter Champion. It's a big joy for us.
2011-03-15   2011-03-15 International Purebred Exhibition in Bratislava 2011.
Exhibition in Bratislava was a big challenge (because of the very early wake up :)). Joel was a little tired from a trip, but most importantly, he did great and acquired another certification to GIC title. There was a big competition, because there was 26 Rags. Now, we are gathering strength for an exhibition in Jaworzno. That's where the kitten from our cattery, Belmondo Teo-Cat*PL, will have his debut with his owner ms. Sandra from Bytom.
On the photo you can see judge ms. A.Laura Burani Ferrari, Joel and me.
2011-03-02   2011-03-02 International Cat Exhibition in MysÅ‚owice.
We were prepared to receive another certifications for Joel and were surprised. Two judges liked Joel so much, that he received BIS (best in show) nominations in both days. He is in great exhibition condition. More days like that and he will soon finish collecting certifications for GIC - Grand Inter Champion :). I'm very proud and happy from his achievements. Thanks to all exhibitors and visitors for a nice time we've spend on talking. Now we are going to exhibition in Bratislava.
On the photo you can see judge from Portugal - Mrs. Lili Anciau. She was charmed by Joel, which can be seen on photo. :)
2011-01-09   2011-01-09 Yesterday, our darling JOEL become Inter Champion.
2011-01-09 Yesterday, our darling JOEL become Inter Champion.

On 08.01.2011, on International Exhibition (FIFE) in Ostrava, he acquired third certification to Inter Champion title, and on 09.01.2011 his first title to Grand Inter Champion. Joel is now an Inter Champion. :)
2011-01-01   Best wishes for New Year 2011
Best wishes for New Year 2011, hereinafter you can find a recipe for a better year.